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Model Entries:
Model Description (include manufacturer & type) Scale Entry Level
Display Only = 1
Peoples Choice = 2
Technically Judged = 3
Kit Supplied Finished Parts ? Y/N Category Code/Colour Entry No Fee To Pay
Example: Tamiya P-51D 1/48 3 Y PR3A 1 $6

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Contest Rules

Trophies will be awarded in all Technical Judged and People's/Entrant's Choice categories. Other Special Awards will also be presented. All Junior (Age 13 & under) entrants will qualify for encouragement awards. Only the winning entries in each of the Technically Judged categories are eligible for the "Best (Type) in Show" awards and "Best of Show" Grand Judge’s award.

1. The organising committee will provide a voluntary judging panel of experienced modellers - their decision is final.

2. The organising committee reserve the right to refuse to display any model (or visual material) considered inappropriate for public display (eg. adult themes, politically sensetive / incorrect, acts of cruelty).

3. Models to be entered in the competition must be presented at the entry desk between the advertised entry times on Friday evening or on Saturday unless prior arrangements have been made.

4. Entrants are to complete an entry form listing personal and model / entry details (used for administrative purposes only).

5. Entry fees will be charged as per the schedule shown in the published "Entry Times & Costs". There is no limit to the number of models that may be entered.

6. Each entrant must have completely built and finished any model entered in the competition. Kit supplied finished parts (eg. pre-painted car bodies etc) need to be declared on the entry form.

7. Models may be displayed on a base. In such cases the judges will consider only the specific model nominated on the entry form. The base may be plain, eg- polished wood or mirror, or it may represent the normal surface for that subject.

8. Models displayed on a base should be removable so that the whole model can be judged. Models that are fixed to the base, and cannot be removed, may incurr up to a penalty of up to 5 points.

9. If a model is entered as a DIORAMA, all models and materials contained within the perimeter of the base will be judged as a whole.

10. The score of each model in each TECHNICALLY JUDGED, INTERMEDIATE and JUNIOR category will be determined by a judging schedule completed by a team comprising of two judges.

11. Placings in each TECHNICALLY JUDGED category will be determined by the overall score of each model in the category.

12. The winning models in each PEOPLE'S CHOICE and ENTRANT'S CHOICE categories will be determined by popular ballot.

13. ENTRANT'S CHOICE - only a registered entrant can vote in Entrant's Choice.

14. HISTORICAL FIGURES - only the figure will be judged. VIGNETTES is a "cameo diorama" with a max. of 4 figures & minor groundwork and accessories. Cross-entry between HISTORICAL FIGURES, VIGNETTES and DIORAMAS is not permitted.

15. To be eligible for the JUNIOR or INTERMEDIATE under age categories; the entrant must be of the specified age as at the date of entry of that competing year.

16. NOVICE - genuine “first-time entrants” who have not previously entered a model in a formal model event.

17. Each technically judged entry must be accompanied by the kit instructions (or copy) and appropriate reference material / notes. Critical points will be lost if these are not supplied. It is the responsibility of the entrant to place all instructions and supporting information in the carton supplied under the display table.

18. In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation or application of a section or sections of these rules the decision of the Judging Panel shall be final.

19. While organisers undertake to provide all reasonable care and protection of models entered in the competition, such models are entered at the owners own risk and the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

20. Any previous first-placed entry of a particular category is not eligible for entry into the same.