2014 Expo Raffle Page


In 2014 SAPMA raffled two aviation art prints denoated by SAPMA club member Stuart Beatson. Stuart had just completed a renovation to his house and it seems (according to the missus) these art prints were not going back on the walls. So instead of them being homeless he decided to offer them to the club as raffle prizes.

Hornet Territory


The main subject of this very nice print is a pair McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornets from 2 OCU Squadron flying over Wangi Falls in Litchfield national park.

Arado Blitz Bomber


Two Arado 234B Blitz Bombers the worlds first jet bomber are being ecorted by Messerschmitt two Me 26's the world first jet fighter.

The print also gives details on the first worlds first jet powered reconnaissance mission on August 2nd 1944.

Both prints were professionally framed by Nick Lagos of Budget picture framing, and the tickets will be sold over the weekend of the EXPO with the winner announced on the Sunday, at SA Scale Model Expo Presentation Ceremony.

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