2003 Expo Page

Page 3- AFV's

AV1 - AFV Small Scale:
1. Panzer IVJ by Clive Paling
2. Jagdpanther by Clive Paling
3. Panzer IIIM by John Teagle

AV2 - AFV Tracked to 1946 Medium Scale:
1. Minenraumer by Louie Heliotis
2. Bergetiger by Troy Fosbender
3. Maus by Louie Heliotis

AV3 - AFV Tracked to Today Medium Scale:
1. M113A1 by Adam Lehmann
2. Zsu Shilka by Raymond Martin
3. Leopard by Adam Lehmann

AV4 - AFV Wheel Driven Medium Scale:
1. Aslav by Adam Lehmann
2. 88mm Flak by Brian Thewlis
3. Horch by Raymond Martin

Pictures are arranged in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.