2003 Expo Page

Page 4 - Historical Figures & Vignettes

HF1 - Historical Figures up to 1900 All Scales:
1. Officer 10th Hussars by Juan Fernandez
2. Officer 17th Lancer by Juan Fernandez
3. Grenadier drummer by Paul Carpenter

HF2 - Historical Figures 1901-Modern All Scales:
1. Red Devil Bren Gunner by Juan Fernandez
2. Australian Commando by Brad Roenfeldt
3. Cossack by Clive Paling

VG1 - Vignettes Open All Scales:
1.Australian Infantry New Guinea by Brad Roenfeldt
2. Roman Guard by Dragon Long
3. German Dinghy Team by Clive Paling

Pictures are arranged in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.