2004 Expo Page

Page 3 - AFV's

AV1 - AFV Small Scale:
1. Emhar Whippet by Clive Paling
2. Fujimi Jagdtiger by Tim James
3. Roden Sdkfz 232 by Clive Paling

AV2 - AFV Tracked to 1946 Medium Scale:
1. Mirage Renault 32cm by Louie Heliotis
2. Tamiya King Tiger by Tim James
3. Mirage renault 28cm by Louie Heliotis

AV3 - AFV Tracked to Today Medium Scale:
1.Trumpeter Strv 103C S-Tank by Nick Lagos
2. Tamiya M113 AS4 ALV by Tim James
3. Trumpeter Challenger 2 by Dave Wright

AV4 - AFV Wheel Driven Medium Scale:
1. Trumpeter Leopold by Dave Wright
2. AFV Club Long Tom by Adam Lehmann
3. Italeri DUKW by Louie Heliotis

Pictures are arranged in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.