2004 Expo Page

Page 4 - Historical Figures & Vignettes

HF1 - Historical Figures up to 1900 All Scales:
1. Pegasus Samurai by Paul Carpenter
2. Verlinden English Medieval Archer by Wayne King
3. Napoleonic Figure by Noel Stubberfield

HF2 - Historical Figures 1901-Modern All Scales:
1. Vietnam 1971 - US Soldier and Child by Brad Roenfeldt
2. Verlinden U-Boat Commander by Clive Paling
3. -

VG1 - Vignettes Open All Scales:
1.SS Tankers by David Hay
2. European warriors by Hao Long
3. Cossack Cavalry by Clive Paling

Pictures are arranged in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.