Model Expo References

The one thing that can mean the difference in winning or placing in the model expo is the references that are supplied with the model. Many times the expo judges have judged great models at the expo but the models references have been nonexistent or wrong and this has prevented a worthy model from placing, or in some cases even winning. Considering the amount of effort that goes into building their models, the references would be the easiest part of the build for the entrants. Not only that, they are worth 10 points in the scoring so it is an easy 10 points.

References can be as simple as the box cover and kit instructions or as involved as a complete build diary. But don't get suckered into the more is better philosophy when it comes to references. The last thing a tired judge wants to see 9:30pm on the Saturday night is a weighty tome that details the build but is filled with lots of information that may not be directly related to the build.

Be succinct and make sure you include the relevant details relating to the build. Box art, Kit instructions, Aftermarket part (if used) instructions, modifications that you may have made in the build and any corrections that you may have made to kit flaws or inaccuracies. If you have corrected flaws or enhanced a model, provide some photographic or drawing references. If some of the references or photos that you used are in a book or books then photo copy the relevant material and include it.

Please make sure the supplied references are relevant to the subject modelled. This is also especially important if you choose a different scheme or markings than what was supplied in the kit. Nothing gets more frustrating than supplied photo's or references that look nothing like the model that is being judged. If the accuracy of the references to the subject doesn't match then this will lose you points.

For some model kits supplied references can be problematic. Many Figures or Sci-Fi kits come from Garage kit manufacturers and sometimes kit instructions or box art are scant or non-existent. One Garage kit I ordered recently came in a plain cardboard box with a simple drawing as the instructions. In this case Google is your answer. If someone has kitted a subject then that subject must have some information be somewhere on the net. There might even be a build article that you can use.

Below is a pretty good indication of what we are looking for. This was the reference booklet supplied with a class winning model last year. Your references don't have to be an exact copy of what is laid out here, but as long as the important details are documented for the judges in a logical and easy to find manner then you should pick up the points.

Expo Model References (PDF 3.04Mb).